Psy Drops New Single ‘Gentleman’_Review Part2

Continues from Part 1. (also published in the Asian Correspondent site)

2) Adaptation of Abracadabra dance: Yes, it is that dance routine the Brown Eyed Girls rocked back in 2010. Gain rose as a new sex symbol for killing this super sexy, signature dance move (youtube link below– skip to somewhere in the middle, the chorus part). Psy explained [ko] few days earlier at his latest concert ‘Happening’ that he adopted the dance routine and reinterpreted it. I see this as kind of industry mutual back scratching– Gain gets international attention by appearing in Psy’s music video and Psy gets to tweak her routine– the most famous routine in South Korea to the point it has a nickname “시건방춤” (could be translated as ‘the freaking cheeky/arrogant’) since it always goes together with crossed-arms and big smirk and it would be extremely hard to find young Koreans would have not tried — at least once when they are alone at home.

3) Back to his root: Psy, starting from his debut song “Bird” back in 2001, has kept his uniqueness and invented his own genre, never losing his color for once– his music was so racy, explicit, yet fun that most of his songs were labeled as “inappropriate for young audience” numerous time, mostly club-themed and rocking the hilarious dance routines you cannot find elsewhere. People who known him from his early days, would never call this song as mere ‘continuation of Gangnam Style’. No, it is rather just another song of Psy that just sounds like Psy.

And it is adorable that he debuted his new single in Seoul, South Korea (during the concert) though I wouldnt call it a clever move, career-wise. Psy knows that whether he make another hit or wind up becoming the one-hit wonder, there is a loyal fan base who loves his music for years and losing them would cost him great deal.

I see the reviews are not that favorable, but Youtube hits beg differ– it seems Gentleman is not that big disappointment after all.


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