Why Korean Net Users Hate T-ARA So Much? Part 1

There is no reason in hating someone, but people always come up with a list of rational explanations reasoning their strong emotion. Popular girl group, T-ARA has become one of the most hated girl groups in South Korean online where there is an inundation of photos of T-ARA’s bullying and even a bit unflattering gif of them dancing which people love to jeer at. This unexplainable hatred against T-ARA can also be a very bad news for international fans who seem to care less about the bullying case. Since South Korea is their home base after all, their performance and profitability in the country are a major factor in deciding their future activity and eventually, their longevity as a idol group.

1) Member’s Bullying (which I will explain in the part 2 of the post)

2) Agency Headed by Notoriously Problematic Chairman. 

Show biz-savvy folks remember the Core Entertainment (T-ARA’s agency) as the “one ruled by Kim Kwang-soo”, a notoriously problematic showbiz mogul who has numerous allegations and scandals against him. There is a very long list of talents names [ko] who have been either fall from fame after they have been re-constructed by Kim or wound up in various scandals– especially the ugly one involving contract issues (i.e. Seeya)

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