SECRET’s ‘Yoo-Hoo’: Catchy and Seasonal Song, But Formulaic Video

My first impression to the music video was ‘Wow. This is so seasonal.’ and the second thing I noticed is that even though it was my very first time listening to the song, my head was filled with its chorus part and all the random echoing sound of ‘Yoo-Hoo’. It was so catchy, once you hear it, you cant unhear it. And there is no way of getting it completely out of your head.

* The storyline of the music video and setting/scenes are disappointingly formulaic. Even after considering that SECRET is a group never shooting for ‘edgy or chic’ and aiming for more of a easily approachable style, widely loved by both genders, it was bit too 90s– old and plain style, very girlish, overly cute and feminine. If they did this purposefully, then it is understandable, since so many girls are trying to appear funky, wild, edgy, sexually aggressive, it would be a fresh change of atmosphere.

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4 Minute ‘What’s Your name?’: Vibrant, Unique, Yet Cluttered

*Outfits/Style: This would the most vivid, vibrant, funky and wild looks 4 Minute has ever pulled off so far. Especially the Jackson Pollock-ish paint splashed patterns in their shirts perfectly matched the electro popping sound and powerful beat. And very short shorts and half-cut fishnet stockings (although Korean net users seem not taking that well) worked quite well together with the lyrics that would have taken place in a clubbing scene.

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