Why Korean Soap Opera Sucks, Yet Popular_Part 1

This would be the best joke I’ve ever seen made about South Korean soap opera:

American Soap : Doctors cure disease, Lawyers handle legal stuff, Detectives catch criminals
Japanese Soap: Doctors give life lessons, Lawyers give life lessons, Detectives give life lessons
Korean Soap: Doctors in romantic love, Lawyers in romantic love, Detectives in romantic love

Mushy-gooey romance, tackiest and cheesiest lines delivered by beautiful young faces- are the essence of network TV soap opera. There is nothing wrong with it, though it surely opens up discussion if it is the only thing soap opera is about– which happens to a majority of Korean soap opera. Not only everything comes down to romance, but the route to the romance is nothing but identical. To cover up for formulaic plots and poorly written scripts, they depend more heavily on emotion.

1) Emotional. Emotional. Just Too Emotional.

2) Idol Stars and Degradation

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Why Korean Shows Overuse Subtitles? I Blame Infinite Challenge

Many of my friends asked me why Korean shows use so many crazy subtitles. My immediate answer was because of audio issues– inaudible or incomprehensible audio. Then, it made me question myself, what has created the audio situation in the first place? It is not like every Korean broadcaster and entertainer have diction problems and issues in delivering messages.

I blame ‘Infinite Challenge’ which created its own genre of extremely realistic variety show, for trending the overuse of subtitles. After its success, its subtitle style has been adopted by other shows, which often, merely copied after its format, even though it is totally unnecessary. And many others, so, so many others, have followed the suit.

[…] What makes Mudo so special is its rawness. It lives in spontaneity that constantly shifts its form based on how the six (now seven) unruly members interacts to most unexpected situation — without a tight script. To stay afloat and survive, members needs great improvisation. For producers point of view, it is a very risky program that demands real courage from the producer. Things can get totally out of hand- and one could left with no show to air on Saturday 6 pm[…]

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